Supply Chain Insight

5 reasons for insourcing your logistics

Digital transformation is causing disruption in every sector and in all areas of business, including the transportation of goods across the U.S. and around the globe.

By levelling the playing field, disruptive technology has diminished two of the arguments for outsourcing—economies of scale and buying power—leading to improved decision making, reduced risk and lower costs.

Check out our newest Supply Chain Insight to learn:

  • When cutting out intermediaries might make sense for your organization, even though outsourcing might make sense on paper
  • Why an increasing number of shippers are creating a total-cost-of-ownership approach to outsourcing
  • What to think about before getting "locked in" to another three- or five-year 3PL contract
  • How to find a strategic partner to help identify current strengths and challenges in your transportation and logistics processes